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  • Woman wakes up to (adorable) intruder 🐾

Woman wakes up to (adorable) intruder 🐾

Plus, if this toddler's looks could kill...

Good morning! Imagine waking up and discovering you’ve somehow become Mom to a family of baby groundhogs. That’s the predicament this bulldog has found herself in, and by the looks of it, she’s NOT ready to take on that kind of responsibility. 😆

Feel-Good Feedback 💌

Every Friday, we share a reader comment we love. Shoutout to reader Dawn for giving us the warm fuzzies with this heartwarming message. 🫶

“I cannot thank you all enough for bringing joy, affirmation and light into our wonderful but broken world. Your efforts have blessed us all.”

A white dog laying in bed inside a tent.

Woman Wakes Up To A Random Dog In Her Tent On Vacation… And The Internet Falls In Love

Cutest. Intruder. Ever.

Left image shows a toddler in a crib looking at his mom as she returns from a trip. Right image shows him turning away from her as if he's upset.

Toddler’s Reaction To Mom’s Return From 3-Day Trip Isn’t Exactly What She Expected

If looks could kill… 😂

A younger man walks an elderly veteran across a sandy beach.

WWII Vet Makes Triumphant Return To Omaha Beach 80 Years After D-Day

“It’s an absolute honor to escort him on this journey.”

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A dog in the distance runs alongside a fence in a backyard. On the other side of the fence is a deer who is running just a pace or so behind the dog.
One Last Smile

Owner Catches Adorable Footage Of Labrador Playing Chase With Deer Friend

“What in the Disney movie is happening?” 😍

“Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.”

– Robert Green Ingersoll