Toddler's dad joke is too good 😂

Plus, this grandma loves her neighbors!

Your Thursday tip: Sometimes the best motivator is humor! Just ask this first-time London Marathon runner, who shared the silliest signs from spectators that kept her going. 😄

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toddler holding a chicken
Cute Kids

This Clever Toddler’s Dad Joke Went Viral & The Punch Line Will Have You Rolling

The humor is all tied up in his genius delivery. 😆

A man standing next to an elderly lady outdoors.
Make Me Smile

Couple Didn’t Realize How Much They Meant To Elderly Neighbor Until They Returned From Vacation

The 91-year-old said something to them on their return that both warmed and broke their hearts at the same time.

dad and daughter at the beach next to a picture of his last letter
Love & Family

Dying Dad Arranges Flower Delivery Every Year For Daughter’s Birthday — Read His Heart-Wrenching Final Letter

He passed away before her 17th birthday, but made sure she received flowers and a letter every year through her 21st birthday. 🥺

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dad hugging his baby while closing his eyes
One Last Smile

This Baby’s Words Are So Sweet They Made Her Father Cry

We’re crying right along with him. 🥹

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