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  • Tiny tot tries out ballerina moves 😍

Tiny tot tries out ballerina moves 😍

Plus, a dad's beautiful letter of love.

Wednesday Wellness: Many of us know that going on a walk is good for our mental health, but have you ever wondered why, exactly? Hint: It’s linked to our eyes! πŸ‘€ 

Cute Kids

Ballerina Teaches Tiny Toddler How To Dance, Toddler Puts On Sweetest Show

Her adorable attempts at mimicking her aunt are making everyone melt.

A peeping Tom places his phone underneath a crouching woman's skirt.

Brave Woman Confronts Peeping Tom At Target, Catches Him Red-Handed On Camera

She refused to let him get away with it. πŸ‘

a man crouched down and hugging his son

Grieving Widower Shares Beautiful Letter Of Love With 5-Yr-Old Son

He knew his little boy needed some words of comfort. ❀️

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a reporter looking unsettled
One Last Smile

Reporter Spots Herd Of Bison Closing In And Runs Away In Hilarious Broadcast.

This hilarious throwback from the InspireMore archives is too good not to re-share! 🀣

β€œEither I will find a way, or I will make one.”

– Philip Sidney