"Shy" janitor blows AGT away 🎤

Plus, a rip-ridin' Roomba wrangler.

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Good morning! In case you need it, here’s your reminder to cut loose and enjoy the little things! Take it from this tiny tee ball player with enthusiasm (and hilarious moves) to spare.

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A two-photo collage. The first shows Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum standing as they cheer, mouths wide open. Klum's arms are in the air and Mandel is clapping. The second image shows janitor Richard Goodall singing, eyes closed

Janitor Earns Golden Buzzer For Chill-Worthy Performance Of “Don’t Stop Believin’“ On “America’s Got Talent”

His nervousness gave way to one breathtaking voice! 😲

A politician receives applause while returning to work with prosthetic hands and feet.
Make Me Smile

Politicians Set Aside Their Differences To Support Colleague Who Lost His Hands & Feet

People over politics… We love to see it! 👏

A man dressed as a bride taps a groom on the shoulder. The groom's back is toward the man

The First Look He Wasn’t Expecting — Wife’s Dad Plays Silly Prank On Husband-To-Be

The only thing better than the wholesome prank itself? The groom’s hilarious reaction.

Pure Garden Set of 2 Outdoor Zero Gravity withSide Tables
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Kick Back & Relax In Zero-Gravity Chairs

Got a camping trip coming up? How about a tailgate party or backyard BBQ? Don’t forget to pack this pair of folding patio chairs! With holders for drinks and electronic devices, they’re perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

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Images show a toddler riding on a Roomba in a full cowboy outfit.
One Last Smile

Rip-Ridin’ Roomba Wrangler: Watch Baby Cowboy Prove He’s A Natural

Young Wells is making a name for himself in the Baby Roomba Rodeo Roundup. 😆

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

– Og Mandino