A proposal in the air ✈️

Plus, Harrison Ford's off-screen heroism.

Good morning! We all know Harrison Ford as the star of Indiana Jones, but did you know he was a hero on and off the screen? Let’s turn back the clocks and revisit the time the actor saved a young Boy Scout stranded in the Wyoming wilderness.

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A flight attendant smiles as she runs down the aisle of the plane.

Pilot Makes Special Announcement To Passengers That Has Flight Attendant Running Down Aisle

It’s like a scene straight out of a movie!

Images show a person figure skating in an inflatable chicken suit.
Funny Talents

Skater In Inflatable Chicken Suit Wins Unique Competition With Hilarious And Impressive Routine

Who knew this was a thing? 😆

A teen with Down syndrome, Annie, poses in a sparkly blue dress outside with twelve friends before prom.
Make Me Smile

Friends Bring Teen With Down Syndrome To Tears With “The Best Night Ever” At Prom

“We heard that Annie didn’t have anyone to go with for prom, and we thought it would be so fun to make her night special…” 🥰

new mom candle
Together with Luna Gift Co.

The Perfect Gift To Make New Moms Laugh

Got a new mom in your life who could use a little humor this Mother’s Day (or any day)? Give her “new mom aromatherapy” in the form of this silly yet delightful candle!

This vegan, all-natural soy blend is infused with "hugs, hiccups, lotsa love, a touch of all-nighters, and a hint of “Didn't I just change you?” Plus, it comes in several wonderful scents — all of which are, indeed, the opposite of dirty diapers. 😆

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Close up of a little girl making a peace sign as she looks into the camera. A shower curtain can be seen in the distance behind her.
One Last Smile

Dad Gives Daughter 20 Seconds To Say Anything She Wants — The Result Couldn’t Be More Heartwarming!

This was her chance to say anything without getting in trouble, so we didn’t expect it to take this adorable direction!

This lovely quote and artwork came from Doe Zantamata, author of The Happiness in Your Life: Answers Within Guidebook, a collection of quotes that one reviewer calls “a magical tool for everyday life.” Check it out here!*

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