A powerful lesson on rejection 💭

Plus, a time capsule discovery.

A peek into the past: When Jesse Leitch recently hired someone to fix his heater, he never expected them to find hidden souvenirs stashed in his ceiling! Check out what he found in the nearly 110-year-old time capsule. 🔎

A teen gathers outside to sit on the ground with her brother, mom, and dad. The teen has tears in her eyes as her brother hugs her from behind. Mom and dad also look devastated.

18-Year-Old Shares Herself “Getting Rejected From My Dream School” To Send Powerful Message

Her perspective is one we could all benefit from. 👏

A baby giggling while holding a flashlight, which has a dog mesmerized.
Kids & Animals

Precious: Giggly Baby Can’t Stop Cracking Up At Dog’s Antics

Giggling baby + flashlight + dog = the cutest video ever.

A man looks off into the distance as he holds a baby to his chest. The baby looks content.
Love & Family

“My Brother Is Gonna Be So Mad I Got Pregnant Young…” New Mom Shares Heartwarming Tale Of Love

She couldn’t be happier to be wrong. ❤️

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This Week’s Best Mystery Boost

elderly couple dancing
One Last Smile

Elderly Couple Steals Singer’s Show When They Break Out Dancing To “Uptown Funk.”

Grandpa’s got better moves than people half his age!

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

– N.H. Kleinbaum, Dead Poets Society