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Meet the Olympic Trials' "Goodest Boy" 🐾

Plus, a teen's dream come true.

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Good morning! ❤️ Wedding season is in full swing, but for one bride, the sweetest part of her big day came after she exchanged vows with her husband…

Kelsey Phinney Goggins and her dad teamed up for a special father-daughter dance, recreating a childhood memory that’s melting the hearts of millions. (Watch Video).

A golden retriever getting pet by four gymnasts.

Beacon The Golden Retriever Had A Very Impawtent Job At The U.S. Olympic Trials

He was the event’s official “Goodest Boy.” 😍

A dad and his adult daughter hold hands as they walk. She smiles wide, wearing a shirt that reads "I 'heart' my dad"

DNA Test Reunites Dad With The Daughter He Never Knew He Had 64 Yrs Later

He had no idea she even existed…

A teen with Down syndrome playing football.
Make Me Smile

Dream Come True: Teen With Down Syndrome Joins Football Team To Play In State Championship

We’re rooting for #99! 🏈

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A baby laughs as he sits on the floor, looking down at a dachshund who is looking back up at him.
One Last Smile

Instant Best Friends: Infant In Hysterics Meeting A Dog For The Very First Time

“This went on for 30 minutes straight.” 😍

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

– James Allen