Kid sparks impromptu dance party 🕺

Plus, meet Frank, the tiny soldier.

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On your mark, get set, ROLL! 🧀 Every year in May, contestants gather at the top of Cooper’s Hill in the English village of Brockworth to chase, roll, and bounce after a giant cheese wheel — and it never gets old.

Check out footage from the wacky event here (and don’t try this at home).

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Kids look at a little boy in surprise as he starts to dance
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Little Boy Steals Spotlight During School Concert With Adorable Dance Moves

His contagious moves sparked an impromptu dance party!

Close up of Kevin Bacon smiling from inside his trailer on set.

Kevin Bacon Shows Off Hilarious Personal "Gym" Built For Him On Set

“They really went all out with this one…” 😂

Left image shows young Frank Gates in full Royal Guard uniform. Right image shows the young man receiving a salute from a Scots Guard.
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Scots Guard Stop To Formally Inspect And Salute Frank The Tiny Soldier

In the world of typically stoic King’s Guardsmen, who can be fined just for smiling, the camaraderie they show Frank is heartwarming.

Convert-A-Chair Chair-to-Table with Cup Holder
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A Chair? A Table? It’s Both!

How about a little versatility to go with your camping trip? This handy and durable Convert-A-Chair acts as both a seat and a table, saving you space wherever you take it! Pack it in the RV for your next adventure or keep it on your porch to sip your coffee and admire the sunrise. ☀️

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Doorbell camera footage of a golden retriever sitting in the hall.
One Last Smile

Golden Retriever Cleverly Uses Doorbell Cam After Accidentally Being Locked Out

That’s one smart pup!

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