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  • Kid calls classmate fat, so mom asks for help 💭

Kid calls classmate fat, so mom asks for help 💭

Plus, meet this store’s unofficial mascot.

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Good morning! Clocking in after a lightning-fast weekend is always a bit of a drag, but who says you can’t have fun at work? Not these dancing cops!

A woman smiles as she talks to her phone. Text on the image reads: help me out

Mom Asks Internet For Advice After 4-Year-Old Called Classmate “Fat,” Sparks Important Conversations

The discussion got a little heated, but she left with some great parenting advice!

A note to customers from a dollar store warning them about the rooster who frequents the store

Dollar Store Puts Up Sign When Unusual Character Starts Showing Up In Front Of Store

Meet the store’s unofficial mascot.

Close up of a woman with Down syndrome talking to the camera. Others stands behind her.

Woman With Down Syndrome Defies “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” About People Like Her With Powerful Speech

Madison’s wise words demonstrate exactly what negative assumptions do. 👏

Berkshire Homewear Flowers for Mom Waffle Knit Spa Robe
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A Cozy Gift For Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up… and while flowers are always nice, why not wrap her in softness (and a loving hug) instead? This comfy waffle knit robe from Berkshire Homewear features a pretty floral pattern that lasts. Plus, she’ll never want to take it off!

Get it on sale from our friends at QVC for $29.98 today (regular price $36 — available in six colors).

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a golden retriever looks for his owner while surrounded by other dogs at the park
One Last Smile

Golden Retriever Searches Frantically For Owner At The Park — See When He Finally Spots Her

His reaction couldn’t be more wholesome!

This lovely quote and artwork came from Doe Zantamata, author of the How to Love Yourself Workbook, a step-by-step guide for self-love. Check it out here!*

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