This husky deserves an Oscar 😂

Plus, an unbelievable hotel view.

Summer’s in full swing! Got any fun travel plans? ✈️ During her recent trip to Greece, a woman couldn’t resist sharing the “unbelievable” view from her hotel… and it’s not exactly what you think. (Watch Video).

Images show a happy husky jumping on a trampoline.

Man Catches Husky Jumping On Trampoline — Husky Acts Like He Did No Such Thing!

This husky deserves an Oscar. 😂

Little boy cries in a crowd at a Jelly Roll concert.
Make Me Smile

Country Star Brought To Tears By Young Fan’s Emotional Reaction To Seeing Him Play Live

You can feel the joy just by watching him!

A little girl cries as she hugs her brown dog.

“When Your Dog Has Been Missing For Almost 1 Year And Mom Finds Him On Facebook”

Grab the tissues for this emotional reunion.

More Good News… From The Vault 🕰️

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A teenage boy and a little girl looks shocked, mouths open, as they stand in the entrance of their home.
One Last Smile

After Losing Family Dog, Grieving Kids Come Home To Cutest Surprise & Lose It

The oldest boy’s reaction has us tearing up. 🥹

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

– Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart