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  • A husband's incredible act of love 🌺

A husband's incredible act of love 🌺

Plus, this pet trend? Adorable.

Wednesday Wellness: So many of us are on our own healing journeys. While that looks different for everyone, one woman’s visual representation is resonating with many. See how she uses water to beautifully demonstrate the effects of emotional healing.

A smiling man crouches among the peonies in his garden.

Woman Asks Husband Why He Cares So Much About Peony Garden, “I Wasn’t Expecting This Answer”

We could all learn a thing or two about romance from this man!

Left image shows a woman and her dof doing the All Hands In trend with the cat. Right image shows a cat not interested in playing and biting the Dad's hand.

The Cutest Of The “All Hands In” Trend Delighting Pet Owners Everywhere

Some pets don’t miss a beat. Others… aren’t the biggest fans. 😆

Image shows Ellie Bentley after her 2022 graduation from University of York. Right image shows Ellie Bentley after surviving a shooting and hit-and-run car accident graduating from rehab.

Survivor Story: Woman Miraculously Overcomes Shooting And Hit & Run

The story of her recovery is amazing.

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A dad holds up his baby inside a store.
One Last Smile

Dad Shows Off Delightful Perk To Being 6’7″ And His Baby Is Absolutely Thrilled

Anyone working in surveillance was probably tickled by this footage, as well! 🤭

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

– David Richo