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Grieving teen's tear-jerking speech ❤️

Plus, new homeowners find bittersweet note.

Good morning! We’ll be the first to admit that artificial intelligence and other technological advances can be intimidating, but some innovations are making tremendous strides to improve safety.

Case in point, a robot dog named Aurora that’s saving animals’ lives and making airplane landings/take-offs safer!

Alem Hadzic stands at a podium giving his valedictorian speech

Teen Bravely Delivers Tear-Jerking Valedictorian Speech Hours After Dad’s Funeral

His dad would be so proud. 🥺❤️

A man and a woman stand next to a table with a blue gift bag on it. The man's eyes are wide open as he holds a wrapped gift in his hands. The woman smiles at him.
Make Me Smile

Man’s Reaction To Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Announcement Is Even Sweeter Than The Reveal

His pure joy is such a beautiful thing to witness.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a man and woman smiling as they pose in front of a home. The second is a close up of a letter that can't be fully read. The top reads: Welcome to your new home
Make Me Smile

Couple Moves Into New Home & Finds Bittersweet Note On Love and “Grief” Penned By Former Owners

They anticipated moving day would be emotional, but they didn’t expect this would be one of the reasons why. 🥹

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Left image shows a mother and daughter during a pregnancy reveal. Right image shows the new grandma caressing the daughter's not-yet-showing baby bump.
One Last Smile

Grandma-To-Be Has Hilariously Delayed Reaction To Finding Out Her Daughter Is Pregnant

The message seemed obvious — except it wasn’t. 😂

“Life is full of grief, to exactly the degree we allow ourselves to love other people.”

– Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Giant