Grandma ditches walker to dance 💃

Plus, one woman's actions save two lives.

Good morning! Omaha is still dealing with the aftermath of a tornado that tore through the city on Friday, destroying at least 150 homes.

While the devastation is heartbreaking, the response has been heartwarming. Countless folks have rallied together to help those affected — “the helpers,” as Mr. Rogers called them. That includes country singer Zach Bryan!

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grandma dancing next to her grandson, who's playing a keyboard
Make Me Smile

Grandma Ditches Walker & Shows Off Amazing Dance Moves

Her contagious joy has us watching on repeat. 😄

Images shows a forest scene in the background with the words, "You aren't insignificant. You matter."

Woman Shares How Saving A Stranger’s Life Helped Save Hers As Well

It sparked an eye-opening (and life-changing) realization.

little girl
Cute Kids

Precious Toddler Makes Grocery Store Requests In Scottish Accent & We Can’t Stop Smiling

We can now say with certainty that toddlers with accents are the CUTEST. 😍

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baby with "evil" look on his face
One Last Smile

Baby’s Evil Plans Are Finally Coming Together In This Hysterical Video

“This baby knows something we don’t.” 😂

“Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning... Anyone can start over and make a new ending.”

– Chico Xavier