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  • Golden retriever steals home run ball ⚾

Golden retriever steals home run ball ⚾

Plus, wholesome boyfriend alert!

Good morning! We may be in the ever-evolving digital age, but some things never change, like the love that comes from a physical birthday card. This man can always count on his grandma for sweet (and hilariously specific) cards that brighten his day. ❤️

Images show a golden retriever being chased around a grassy outfield area after he "retrieved" a home run ball.

Victorious Golden Retriever Catches Home Run Ball & Expertly Avoids Capture

It was HIS ball, and no one would take it from him! 😂

Close up of a phone someone is holding. Spotify is open and playing on the phone. Headphones are attached to it and are laying on the table below.

Wholesome: Man Shares Why He Loves When Girlfriend “Kicks Me Off My Spotify Account Every Morning”

What might be someone else’s annoyance is his adoration. 🥰

grandma covering her mouth and laughing

“Memaw” Concocts Wholesome Prank & Her Granddaughter Can’t Help But Join In

Her laughter is even better than the silly prank.

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 😆

This lovely quote and artwork came from Doe Zantamata, author of The Happiness in Your Life: Answers Within Guidebook, a collection of quotes that one reviewer calls “a magical tool for everyday life.” Check it out here!*

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