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  • Elderly widower's tribute to late wife 🥹

Elderly widower's tribute to late wife 🥹

Plus, an epic sea turtle egg rescue.

Good morning! Most of us have a painful story of lost love to share. 💔 But one woman’s perspective shows us that even when things don’t work out with someone, you can still care about them as a person. Listen to her beautiful perspective on “the one that got away.” (Watch Video).

An elderly man sits at a restaurant booth, eating. With him at the table is a framed photo of an elderly woman

Elderly Widower Kept His Wife’s Memory Alive In The Most Beautiful Way

This is everlasting love at its finest. 🥹

A group of people gather on a beach in Mexico, gathering sea turtle eggs from the sand

Volunteers Come Together To Save Thousands Of Sea Turtle Eggs Ahead Of Hurricane Beryl

Even in the midst of an emergency, they weren’t forgotten.

A little girl talking into a microphone outdoors.

5-Year-Old Adorably Dishes About Her New Boyfriend To BBC Reporter

“My daddy said he will lock him in a tower.” 😆

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Left image shows cat aiming a ring on a string. Right image shows the cat releasing the ring and catching it on the hook with its first try.
One Last Smile

Woman Frantically Attempts Ring Toss Before Skilled Kitty Ends Game In One Fell Swoop

Who knew cats were the G.O.A.T.s of ring toss?

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.”

– Victor Hugo