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  • Couple's first kiss caught on camera 🥰

Couple's first kiss caught on camera 🥰

Plus, a helpful guide for solo travelers.

Good morning! Thinking about traveling solo this summer? ✈️ It’s not always easy to stay safe; in fact, seeing the world on your own can sound downright intimidating!

But don’t worry, this woman is here to help with a helpful guide “rating destinations on how safe I felt as a solo traveler.” (Watch Video).

A couple looking at each other before they kiss.

Doorbell Camera Captures A Couple’s First Kiss & It’s Too Cute

This romantic footage melted our hearts. 🥰

Left image shows a camera found at a flea market. Right image shows three children captured on the film that was left in the camera.

Man Buys 60-Yr-Old Camera At Flea Market & The Film Will Send You Back In Time

The mystery begins… 🔎

a woman wearing a wedding dress while playing basketball with her dad

Full Circle Moment: Bride Shoots Hoops With Dad One Last Time Before Her Wedding

This is as wholesome as it is bittersweet.

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A baby making gestures with her arms and hands.
One Last Smile

Precious Clip Shows Baby “Babbling” With Grandparents In ASL

This cutie has a lot to say!

“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson