Corgi learns sign language 🐾

Plus, a romantic aerial dance.

Good morning! If it’s been a stressful week for you, kick back and enjoy this magician’s “mesmerizing” sand act Heidi Klum calls both “calming and beautiful to watch.” (Watch Video).

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“Your emails make the world a better place!! To see uplifting and happy things in this weary world is absolutely wonderful!!!”

Image shows a corgi reacting to sign language for the word "ball."

Man Shares Hilarious Disadvantage Of His Corgi Accidentally Learning Sign Language

They weren’t anticipating this outcome… 😆

couple performing aerial routine on AGT

Couple Twirls At Great Heights During Romantic Aerial Dance For “AGT” Auditions

We won’t lie — this is as dazzling as it is terrifying!

A woman singing to a herd of cows outside.

Woman Puts On Silly “Cowchella” Performance For Rapt Bovine Audience

What a mooooving song. 😉 

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Left image shows a baby sea otter playing with a toy on a blanket. Right image shows the little lady playing with a toy in the water.
One Last Smile

Daily Dose Of Adorable: Tiny Sea Otter Pup Shows Us Her Best Swim Moves

Excuse us for a moment while we go squeal... again. 😍

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