A bittersweet Goodwill find 💔

Plus, a "unicorn dog" with five legs.

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Mom’s special day is right around the corner… Have you found the perfect gift yet? If not, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up some of our top picks for Mother’s Day gifts* that really say, “You’re the best!”

the inside of a goodwill store

Shopper Finds Heartbreaking Item At Goodwill & Gives It Beautiful Second Chance

But then… there was a sweet and powerful coincidence that seemed meant to be!

A young man in a police officer uniform smiles as he holds a photo of a baby.
Make Me Smile

Abandoned Baby Rescued By Police Officer Grows Up And Has A Full Circle Moment

The odds of this happening are so slim.

Close up of a green dress with an envelope attached. The envelope reads: to the fabulous person who chooses the green broccoli dress
Make Me Smile

Gorgeous Handmade Prom Dress Has Touching Note Tucked Inside For The Lucky Wearer

It brought “the whole staff to tears.” 🥹

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A Maintenance-Free Garden Glow-Up

Love the look of beautiful flowers but don’t have a green thumb? No problem! These faux yet lifelike bougainvillea spheres will bring an instant color pop to your front porch and yard, whether you place them in pots or hanging baskets.

Get this set of two on sale from our friends at QVC for $54.98 (regular price $61 — available in five colors)!

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elderly couple dancing in street
One Last Smile

We’re Melting Over This Sweet Video Of An Elderly Couple Dancing In The Street

These two are major couple goals. 😍

This lovely quote and artwork came from Doe Zantamata, author of the How to Love Yourself Workbook, a step-by-step guide for self-love. Check it out here!*

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