Ballerina's nail-biting routine 😬

Plus, a little girl's instant regret.

Good morning! Missed May’s spectacular northern lights? You could have another chance to see them — and sooner than you may think!

Feel-Good Feedback 💌

Every Friday, we share a reader comment we love. This one’s extra sweet (and much-appreciated):

“Thank you so much for your Great Work and Time and Efforts here!! You will never know how many people you have impacted in a Positive Way!!! We all need some Joy and Happiness and Smiles in our lives!! Much peace and happiness!!”

sofia vergara watching in shock as ballerina performs

Graceful Ballerina Performs Nail-Biting Routine On “America’s Got Talent,” Judges Can’t Look Away!

“I was shaking with her.” 😬

woman holding up late friend's picture at two different lord of the rings filming areas

Woman Makes Incredible Journey To Honor Late Best Friend Who Loved Lord Of The Rings

We couldn’t think of a more fitting tribute.

A little girl reaches out to touch her dad's beard.

Little Girl Instantly Regrets Telling Dad To “Take Off” His Beard

“Hey, why did you take it off?” 😂

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A young woman holds her hand over her face in surprise.
One Last Smile

Woman Takes Hilariously Long Time To Recognize Her Sister During Surprise Reunion

Her disguise worked a little too well. 😆

“Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

– Albert Einstein