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  • Baby "loses all control" trying pizza 😂

Baby "loses all control" trying pizza 😂

Plus, Kevin Bacon's at it again!

Kevin Bacon’s at it again! Last week, we shared with you an adorable video of the Footloose star dancing with his daughter, Sosie. It turns out, they’ve got killer voices to add to their moves! Listen to the sweet duet they teamed up for here. 🎶

A baby tries pizza given to her by her dad.
Cute Kids

Baby Tries Pizza For The First Time & Hilariously “Loses All Control”

The look on her face as the flavor sets in is priceless. 😂

a woman picking flowers in the distance with text that says "a random women was picking all the bloomed daffodils on our lot across the street. (She didn't know) Went to go kindly ask her not to until I found out what it was for..."
Acts Of Kindness

Woman Goes To Tell Stranger Not To Pick Her Flowers… Until She Hears The Heartbreaking Reason Why

This is a perfect lesson on kindness to strangers. 👏

A dad taking pictures in the living room with his phone.

Dad Goes Into Photographer-Mode When Mom Tries On Wedding Dress For The First Time In 32 Years

This is a man who truly adores his wife.

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Images show an adorable toddler singing the song "You Are My Sunshine" while holding a guitar.
One Last Smile

Precious: Toddler’s Adorable “You Are My Sunshine” Will Melt Your Heart

Need a little sunshine? This kiddo’s got plenty to share!

This lovely quote and artwork came from Doe Zantamata, author of the How to Love Yourself Workbook, a step-by-step guide for self-love. Check it out here!*

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