ALS didn't stop this skydiver 🪂

Plus, a "mission impawsible" rescue.

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Good morning! ☀️ Going back to the grind after a long weekend can be ruff, sometimes. That’s why we’ve prepared a big dose of wholesome to help take the edge off: adorable footage of a man bonding with his neighbor’s dog. (Watch Video).

Left image shows Mark Johnson climbing into an airplane. Right image shows ALS patient Mark with his jumpmaster preparing to jump out of a plane for Mark's skydiving adventure.

Man Battling ALS For 24 Years Finally Sees His Dream Of Skydiving Come True

He refused to let the disease stand in the way of his dream.

A small grey and white kitten stuck between two truck tires.

“Mission Impawsible:” Kitten Rescued After Getting Wedged Between Semi Truck Tires

Purrfect execution on the rescuers’ part! 👏

Patrons on floatation devices at a swim up bar.

Patrons At Swim Up Bar Delighted By Unexpected Aquatic Guest

The “swim up” part doesn’t just apply to humans, apparently!

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Left image shows a puppy attacking an "intruder" in his yard. Right image shows the puppy after having vanquished the opponent, proudly carrying it to his mom.
One Last Smile

Tiny Puppy Valiantly Defeats Intruder Who Dared Enter Their Yard

InspireMore reader Jennie T. shared this epic battle with us, and we have to warn you: there’s a slight chance of cuteness overload!

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.”

– H.G. Wells